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2024 Best SME Business Loans available in Malaysia

Are you trying to get financing to fulfill your working capital requirement? Below are a list of SME Bank loans package available in Malaysia 

Interested to apply loans from bank listed above? Feel free to contact us.

Why you need our assistant?

1. Time saving - We have contact in over 21 banks in Malaysia. We will assist you to liase with banker to submit your application.

2. Ensure client to get the best available financing package - Different industries require different needs on financing (I.e Term Loan, Overdraft, Banker acceptance, Letter of Credit and etc.) With our profession, we provide advisory on each of every financial instrument and ensure our client get either lowest interest rate or maximum margin or both!

3. Lowest interest rate guarantee - With contact with over 21 financial instituition in Malaysia, we can guarantee our client get loan with lowest interest rate. We have plenty of information regarding financing package available in Malaysia, therefore we will provide best financing solution to cater our client needs. With our assistant, client manage to save at least 1%-2% interest rate per annum.

4. Financial planning - Working capital requirement or propert financing? We got you covered. Different type of business require different financing package. (I.e Term Loan, Over draft, Banker acceptance, Letter of credit) Our professional will advice our client on different financial instrument base on their needs and requirement.

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12 May 2024