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Corporate Secretarial Services

Our Corporate Secretarial Services offer comprehensive support to businesses of all sizes, ensuring smooth and compliant corporate governance. As a trusted partner, we take on the administrative burden, allowing you to focus on your core business activities and strategic growth.
  1. Company Incorporation: We assist with the seamless setup of new companies, guiding you through the entire incorporation process. From name reservation to preparing the necessary documents, we ensure a hassle-free registration.

  2. Company Secretary Appointment: Our team of experienced and qualified company secretaries ensures that your company meets the statutory requirement of having a company secretary in place. We handle the necessary paperwork and formalities for a prompt appointment.

  3. Annual Compliance Filings: Staying compliant with regulatory authorities is crucial. We manage and file your company's annual returns, financial statements, and other mandatory submissions on time, avoiding penalties and legal issues.

  4. Board Meeting Support: We facilitate board meeting arrangements, including the preparation of meeting agendas, minutes, and resolutions. Our experts ensure that all corporate decisions are documented and executed correctly.

  5. Statutory Record Maintenance: We maintain and update your company's statutory registers, ensuring accuracy and accessibility of critical corporate information.

  6. Changes to Company Structure: Whether it's altering the share capital, appointing or resigning directors, or transferring shares, we handle the necessary documentation and compliance requirements.

  7. Company Deregistration: If your business decides to wind up its operations, we assist with the proper deregistration process, ensuring a smooth closure in compliance with legal obligations.

  8. Corporate Governance Advisory: Our team provides valuable guidance on corporate governance best practices, helping you establish transparent and accountable management practices within your organization.

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