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Register Your Sdn Bhd At RM0.00


What is included in this package?

1) Unlimited searches on the availability of the proposed company name

2) 1 Company name reserved with SSM

3) Appointment of not more than 5 persons as new directors & shareholders

4) Use of our office as your Company registered office

5) Appointment of 1st Company secretary after incorporation

6) Free 2 board resolution (Opening bank account)

7) Keep track and monitor on all SSM due dates

8) Provide 1 licensed secretary as your Company secretary

9) Free 1 board resolution on Update of Business Nature and notification to SSM

10) Free 1 board resolution on Update of Places of Keeping accounting documents other than at the Registered office and notification to SSM


Documents or infomation to register Sdn Bhd

  • Proposed Company name
  • Proposed nature of business
  • Director residential address
  • Director's service address
  • Director's email address
  • Director's contact No.
  • Shareholders information (i.e IC/Passport, residential address, e-mail addres, and contact No.)
  • Business address
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22 Sep 2023